We will be on vacation until September 1.

We will be on vacation until September 1.


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We offer a broad selection of uncommon, collectible books. 

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Special Collections

History of Scranton and Lackawanna Valley

Born and raised in Scranton, I have deep appreciation for the history and natural beauty of Lackawanna Valley. The history of the area is rich and exciting, beginning in the 1700’s with the important Indian settlement at the junction of Nay Aug Creek (Roaring Brook) and the Lackawanna River. In the late 1700’s settlers and pioneer families began farming the area that once swarmed with moose (hence Moosic Mountain) and bear. In the early 1800’s charcoal fired forges began producing iron and the area began to grow quickly. The coal boom propelled Scranton into an industrial force. The natural beauty of the valley endured throughout the boom and bust economic cycles. This collection presents quality copies, and in some instances the only available copies of important books focusing on Scranton and Lackawanna Valley.


Gifts for Lawyers, Judges and Law Students

Lawyers, judges and law students treasure books. We offer an array of fine books that will appeal to these discerning professionals and students and will make thoughtful and unusual gifts. 



We live in Bellingham, Washington - the City of Subdued Excitement. We have focused on books about this city and the surrounding area. The Fairhaven District, with its colorful history and boom/bust cycles, is featured in many of the selections. There is significant and colorful history about an area that was historically resource-based (fishing, wood products, mining) and is touched by stunning natural beauty (northern reaches of Puget Sound, Nooksack River basin, Mount Baker Wilderness).

The Black Dahlia and James Ellroy Crime Fiction

The Black Dahlia murder, Hollywood's notorious murder case, remains unsolved and continues to fascinate some six decades later. We offer a collection of Black Dahlia crime fiction and true crime, including James Ellroy's outstanding novel, The Black Dahlia, as well as other superb Ellroy crime fiction. James Ellroy's books have become very collectible and Brian DePalma's film, The Black Dahlia, released in 2006, made them more so.

Malcolm Lowry Literature and Criticism

Lowry’s masterpiece Under the Volcano is the tip of the iceberg for this twentieth century master author. We have a broad range of Lowry literature and significant depth in works of Lowry literary criticism. It is thrilling to read Lowry fiction and spellbinding to study criticism noting how his writing was influenced by his rambunctious life, philosophy, interaction with others, life in Mexico and British Columbia, symbolism, success and reverence for nature. 

Espionage Books by Alan Furst

Furst is widely recognized as the current master of the historical spy novel. His first three novels (Roger Levin trilogy) were written with contemporary themes. With Shadow Trade, Furst began to develop his current espionage thriller (and we mean thriller) style, generally set in dangerous unstable parts of Europe from the 1930’s through World War II. Furst is a very collectible writer who continues to build acclaim with each novel.


Latin American Literature in Translation

We have an extensive offering of Latin American literature translated into English. Although Latin American literature has always been vibrant, the decade-long surge in influence of Latino culture in the United States has made literature in translation much more important. We have titles by Jorge Amado, Machado de Assis, Alejo Carpentier, Julio Cortazar, Miguel Delibes, Jose Donoso, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Juan Goytisolo, Jorge Guillen, Oscar Hijuelos, Pablo Neruda, Juan Carlos Onetti, Juan Rulfo, Cesar Vallejo, Mario Vargas Llosa and others.


First Novels

We have a broad range of first novels and other first books (e.g. first book of poetry by a novelist). We find an author’s debut work to be particularly interesting and insightful. All collections should focus on a writer’s complete production, so we have scouted these uncommon books for you.


Art and Photography Books

We have been very selective in accumulating our stock in this area. We have uncommon titles, many of which are unread.


Oklahoma Books

We lived many wonderful years in Oklahoma and have books reflecting the state’s heritage, oil and gas boom and bust cycles and great OU football tradition. The Sooners are a top ranked team, so excitement is always building. We offer a variety of books focusing on Sooner football. We have books related to the failure of Penn Square Bank, an event with significant nation-wide financial implications. July 2007 was the 25th anniversary of the failure of this infamous local bank. We offer books by authors with ties to Oklahoma. We also have books based on the early 1980’s oil boom.


Books on Running

We are runners and have a significant number of titles on running. In addition to books on technique, physiology, diet, philosophy and mind/body relationship, we have books on cross-training, swimming and weight training, training adjuncts which are very important to improving and maintaining a high level of running performance. Carpe viam!